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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Sunday 05.13.2001

Day 15

Today (Mother's Day), We'll visit the orphanage in the morning & go to Medeo & the Kazak Aul Resturant in the afternoon.

Today (Mother's Day), We'll visit the orphanage in the morning & go to Medeo & the Kazak Aul Resturant in the afternoon.

Igor picked us up around 9:45am on Sunday to go see Laura. It was a little cooler, so we played in the music room with her. We played piano, watched videos (including a Russian version of Cinderella) and just plain old played!
Laura watched Sarah do a forward roll on the carpet.
Laura immediately started doing sideways rolls across the floor (as if she had done it before)& Sarah joined her.
At 11:30am it was bye bye time.
We left, but Igor wasn't there. We sat & sat & sat outside on one of the little benches. Igor finally came at 12:45pm! He had been running errands for Tatayana & then got stuck in a traffic jam. He took us back to the apartment for a few minutes then we picked up Don & Sheila & headed to the mountains & Medeo.
Suze, Sarah & Jim walked the length of the dam (taking pics) & back then we went to the Kazak Aul restaurant again & had our meal in the yurta like the previous week.
On the way back to town, Igor drove up the hill by the television tower & cable car so that Suze could get a view of the city.
Next stop was the Ramstore mall. After walking around a bit we bought some goods in the supermarket.
Jim convinced Don to let us buy him a case of Coke as a gift. Sarah also got a Baskin Robbins cone.
Then it was back to the apartment.
At 7pm Olga & Edward came with dinner. Tatyana was supposed to cancel!
We had Olga put the dinner in the fridge since we were full. Called Sheila-she had dinner delivered too!
After 10pm phone rang. It was Pat Whyte, Margaret Cole's sister! She congratulated us & we sang the praises of the Kazak program!

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